Jay Jackson - President

Policy Analyst with the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, Chief Financial Office

Jay Jackson has been an advocate for and actively involved in the charter school movement since 2002, serving in a number of capacities at local, state and national levels.  Jay has helped design, start and operate charter schools.  He has served on charter school boards, and as the principal / administrator of charter schools.  Jay is currently a Policy Analyst with the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, Chief Financial Office.  Prior to working with charter schools, Jay was an attorney in private practice.





Mark Hazelton - Director

Executive Director at Kings Valley Charter School

Mark is a co-founder and current executive director of the Kings Valley Charter School. He has guided KVCS from a district shut-down with 17 students to a thriving k-12 community school of with 180+ students. Trained as an engineer, he has an extensive planning background honed at high tech companies like Hewlett Packard. At HP his responsibilities ranged from leading teams that developed printing products to planning and implementing production lines around the world. At Charter Starters, Mark's expertise is utilized in the areas of community leadership, governance, business management, strategic planning and business operations.


Dick Paay - Vice President

Board Chairman at Sheridan Japanese Charter School

Dick has been a school board member in various capacities for 25 years. While serving on the Sheridan District School board, they studied student diversity from the district. The school board decided they wanted to attract a more serious  minded kind of student and to appeal to the local Homeschool population. They knew that their academic and behavior standards would have to increase, along with a strong second language component. They were right. In 1994, they attracted enough students that they opened a school within a school called Sheridan Japanese School, 4th-12th grades. The new school grew, and it was decided to separate it and turn it into a charter school. They also found a private party to build the school building, which now is leased from the owner. Sheridan Japanese School has just renewed its contract for another 10 years. Dick resides in Sheridan and is currently involved in converting the old Willamina High School into a community campus.



Mary Northern - Director

Director of Operations at Sand Ridge, Sweet Home Charter School and PIE

Mary has been actively involved in education for over 20 years. Her first school was a private Alternative School “Brownsville, Academy” 1st-12th grades, 1992 in Oregon. She converted this school program to a charter school, and moved locations to Lebanon, OR, in 2001, and the school was named Sand Ridge Charter offering K-12th grades. In 1994, Mary headed up the 501 c 3 nonprofit called People in Education (P.I.E.). This nonprofit was formed as an umbrella organization to oversee the charter school(s) and a preschool that she was forming. Sweet Home Charter school was opened in 2006 as a replication model of Sand Ridge, by parent demand. Mary has been an advocate in the state legislation for education since 1995. She has served on the LOCS board since 2002. Her vision and passion is still growing with the need of excellence in education for all children. Now in 2013, she oversees all operations of the three campuses P.I.E. owns. Over 500 children attend charter schools because of her countless hours. Mary is an advocate for children because, "They are our future!" She believes all families deserve to have a choice in education.